Does a Beard Transplant come with a Guarantee?

Many transplantation models have been carried out in recent years. These include beard transplantation. This special aesthetic procedure is carried out directly by hair transplantation centers with a 100% guarantee.

In other words, beard transplantation is done in a more practical and robust way today. Therefore, many individuals who suffer from beard loss for various reasons can safely benefit from beard transplantation treatment.

Beard transplantation has been applied globally from the past to the present. Men who have lost their beards can have a beard again thanks to this treatment.

Although beard loss is not as common as hair loss, it can occur as a result of intense stress and various diseases. This causes mental trauma in many men.

This is because shedding in the beard area is directly visible. When this continues for a long time, it can cause men to lose self-confidence and withdraw from the social scene.

Today, many men who have this problem can even experience a loss of libido.

What is a Beard Transplant?

As the name suggests, beard transplantation is replacing the hair follicles in the beard area which have shed for various reasons.

In this regard, beard transplantation is mostly needed by men aged 18 and over. Roots taken directly from the nape are transplanted into beard area.

The main advantage of these roots is that they do not shed for life. In other words, in fue application, grafts are taken from the nape area to permanently remedy beard loss, like in hair transplantation.

After these grafts are kept in the cold area for a while, they are transferred to the beardless area one by one using special transplanting applications such as the fue technique or, if appropriate, the fut technique. Thus, men can have natural beards again.

How is a Beard Transplant done?

Although this procedure is generally performed with hair follicles from the nape area, in some cases, grafts collected directly from the dense beard area are transferred to the beardless area. Beard transplants are performed within minutes.

Thus, individuals do not wait long for beard transplantation. The donor hair collected from the relevant areas is transferred directly to the beardless area. This process is performed after the grooves have been opened, like in hair transplantation.

No irritation occurs on the facial skin during beard transplants. Mild redness and edema can occur. However, these side effects usually disappear within a few hours. Therefore, there is no need to resort to pain relief in beard transplants.

Who is suitable for Beard Transplantation?

Beard transplants can be applied to individuals who have lost their beard for various reasons. As with hair and eyebrows, beard transplants are applied for many reasons.

Partial shedding of beards can occur due to intense stress, genetic structure, and nutrition.

Along with these reasons, beard loss can occur for multiple reasons such as the side effects of some drugs, the age factor, exposure to chemical products as well as various chronic diseases.

Medical beard transplantation can be applied as the most effective treatment application to remedy such losses.

What Beard Transplantation Methods are available?

Many different methods can be applied in beard transplantation. As in hair transplantation, the fut application and especially the Fue method, can be preferred in beard transplantation.

However, the Fue technique is preferred in this process because it is particularly effective and does not leave any traces. The Fue application is known for not leaving any traces.

Furthermore, it is a better quality hair root transplantation application. Therefore, the fue technique is safely used in many beard transplantations.

How should grooves be opened in Beard Transplantation?

There are many key issues to consider in beard transplantation. Among them are beard transplantation grooves. Careful opening of the grooves is extremely important not to damage the skin.

A high-tech device should be used for opening the grooves Today, poor quality products are still preferred in many nonprofessional hair transplant centers. This causes prolonged and risky transplants.

When beard transplants are performed by a professional doctor, there are no negative results. Therefore, a doctor’s clinic with a corporate identity should be preferred for this procedure.

Things to Consider after Beard Transplantation

There are many issues to be considered after beard transplantation.

After beard transplantation, it is natural for the transplanted hair to emerge in a reddish tone for a while.

This condition usually loses its effect within a few days.

After beard transplantation, cigarettes, alcohol and caffeinated products should be avoided as much as possible. Sexual activity should be strictly avoided during the first 3 days after transplanting. Otherwise the procedure might have to be repeated. This means re-incurring costs.

How Should grooves be opened in Beard Transplantation?

Opening the grooves in beard transplanting is among the details that should be considered. Incorrectly opened grooves cause the roots to be placed in an irregular way.

Care must be taken to ensure that the grooves are not opened excessively. Grooves that are too large can result in the re-shedding of the planted roots in a short time.

Care should be also taken not to make the grooves too small. Grooves that are too narrow will cause the transplanted roots to crowd each other. This can cause the delay of the emergence of new hairs.

As emphasized above, beard transplants require expertise. Your doctor must be experienced and meticulous in this field. Maximum success is obtained from meticulous transplants.

Therefore, the role of the hair transplant center you prefer for a beard transplants is vital. It means a rapid consolidation of self-confidence in individuals along with high-quality transplanting.

Although beard loss may seem like a negligible problem, it can cause serious symptoms of depression in many men who are exposed to this problem.

Many men can take a more passive position in business life due to heavy shedding. This causes a decrease in the quality of their work.

Those who have beard transplants recommend this procedure to those who have beard loss. The process after beard transplants is usually not long.

In this context, it is generally sufficient to wait for only a few days. Acting in line with the doctor’s instructions is important for the success of the transplant.

Can Beard Transplantation be done when Burn Scars are present?

Beard transplants can be done in many cases without any problems.

Beard transplantation can be applied without further damage to skin that has been marred by burn scars, sunspots and acne.

Facial care products should be avoided before beard transplantation.

The facial area should be completely cleansed of all care products to avoid any disruption in the transplantation process.

It is important that the facial area is completely cleansed in beard transplantation. Many individuals who want to have a beard transplant can benefit from this application even though they have burn scars directly on the facial area.

You can safely have a beard transplant even if you have serious burn scars. Beard transplants have nothing to do with skin problems.

Only very deep surgical scars can be seen through a beard transplant like a regular beard. There is no treatment for that.

The many advantages of beard transplants have been emphasized. With this special treatment option, the face area can get a more stylish and modern look.

Beard transplants have been applied flawlessly from the past to the present. This method was applied in a more ordinary way in the past.

The main reason for this was because no innovations had emerged in hair transplantation practices yet.

However, especially in the last 5 years, high-tech devices have been preferred in all transplantations. In this context, beard transplantation is carried out much quicker today and with a success rate close to 100%.

All these positive reasons have put beard transplantation among the most popular transplantation procedures.

Is Beard Transplantation Performed Together with Hair Transplantation?

Most of those who want to have beard transplants ask whether beard transplants are done together with hair transplants.

This differs according to hair transplant centers. Beard transplants can be done directly with hair transplants in quality transplant centers.

Beard transplants are usually applied alone. This rule also applies to all hair transplants.

Therefore, perhaps it is better to avoid having the two procedures together to ensure problem -free results from beard transplantation.

However, only beard transplants are performed in general in nonprofessional hair transplant centers. Therefore, when a quality hair transplant center is preferred, of course, a beard transplant can be done together with a hair transplant.

However, there are some details that need to be taken into consideration.

For example, in case both processes require a lot of work, it is more reasonable to have them done separately, if possible, to avoid wasting time and, more importantly, to have better transplants.

Comments of those who have had Beard & Mustache Transplantations

Those who have had beard and mustache transplants have positive comments about beard and mustache transplants, especially on the internet.

Those who have resorted to these procedures underline that they got maximum quality results from direct beard and mustache transplantations.

Many individuals indicate that only a quality beard and mustache transplant center should be preferred for these procedures.

The majority of those who have had beard and mustache transplants emphasize that they have achieved a high level of self-confidence thanks to both applications.

They underline that a positive mood change occurs after the application. The individuals say that beard and mustache transplants really offer great benefits in terms of business and social life.

It is not only the citizens of our country who have beard transplants. Many individuals from other countries opt to have a beard transplants directly through quality hair transplant centers in our country.

When you come from abroad, you can have a beard transplanted in the best hair transplant center in our country.

Beard Transplant Prices 2023

As is the case with hair transplantation, beard transplantation prices are regularly updated by hair transplantation centers every year.

You can safely have a beard transplant for the current price for 2023. Especially quality hair transplant centers offer discounts for beard transplants.

Therefore, you can have professional beard transplants at a much lower cost. Beard transplant prices are more affordable today than they were a few years ago.

Today, there is an intense interest in beard transplants not only in our country, but globally as well.

Most men, especially in the young and middle age bracket, resort to beard transplants instead of different treatment options because the results are more effective.

You can make an appointment for a beard transplant on your doctor’s website. You can also ask your doctor about anything you want to know.

Perfectly planted roots mean you get a perfect beard. And do not forget that the new roots planted in beard transplantation are permanent for life.

In other words, if nothing unexpected happens, you do not need to have a beard transplanted again. That means you pay an affordable fee only once. It is important to research beard transplant prices for 2023.