Dhi Hair Transplant

Dhi Hair Transplant, which is preferred as much as FUT and FUE hair transplantation, is done by professional hair transplantation centers. Therefore, this transplantation application, like other methods, is guaranteed.

There are many features that distinguish the Dhi Hair Transplantation method from other methods. For example, in FUE application, grafts are placed directly by opening grooves.

However, this is not the case in DHI hair transplantation. In this application, only the grooves are opened and the grafts are transferred. Therefore, the DHI hair transplantation application is performed in a more practical way .

What is Dhi Hair Transplantation?

DHI hair transplantation, which is being applied globally in 2023, means only hair transplantation. This method can also be defined as the simplest form of transplantation.

Therefore, the, DHI hair transplant application is not as complicated as other methods. Pain and discomfort are minimal in this application.

Crusting on the scalp can occur at a minimum level.

What are the Features of the Pens (Implanter Pen) Used in Dhi?

DHI hair transplantation is performed directly with a special medical pen. This type of pen, also known as an implanter pen, has a special and fine tip.

All the grafts are transferred to the bald area one by one into the opened grooves with the pen. The most important feature of this product is that its high quality.

The pen is completely made of stainless steel material. Therefore, it can be used safely for long periods of time.

How is Dhi Hair Transplant done?

DHI hair transplantation, which is done in a modern operating room setting, is applied in a practical way. In other words, side effects are minimal in this application.

Therefore, it is out of the question for the patients to feel uneasy during the procedure. Small grooves are opened directly in DHI hair transplantation. Grafts taken from the nape are placed one by one into these channels.

Who is a candidate for Dhi Hair Transplantation?

A DHI hair transplant operation is applicable to anyone who has lost their hair. This application offers many advantages just like FUE and FUT.

Hair follicles must be available in the nape area to enable a DHI application,. This rule is true foror all methods.

The grafts in the nape part have the feature of not shedding for life. In summary, a DHI hair transplant application can be applied to women and men of all ages whose hair is shedding.

What are the Advantages of Dhi Hair Transplantation?

DHI hair transplantation, which is a quality application, is recommended by professional hair transplantation centers because it has many advantages.

One of the main advantages of this method is that it is done quickly. Accordingly, patients save time.

A second advantage is that it is offered at a more affordable cost today compared to previous years. Therefore, it is possible to have a DHI hair transplant at an affordable cost.

The Best Dhi Hair Transplant Centers

There are many mediocre centers in the hair transplant sector. DHI hair transplants cannot be done in a guaranteed way by such businesses.

This is because this procedure requires a high level of experience. The best DHI hair transplant centers have many features. These centers offer services through a corporate identity.

Such centers employ hair transplant specialists with years of experience. One of the main features of top quality DHI hair transplant centers is that they provide hair transplant services in a professional way.

Since these businesses also offer up-to-date DHI hair transplant references, they host a larger customer base than other centers.

Dhi Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Causes of Hair Loss?

Hair loss occurs for many different reasons.

Genetic structure, environmental problems, age factor, intense stress, intensely stressful work areas, use of poor quality hair care products, intense dandruff and accordingly failure to carry out regular hair care can be counted among the reasons.

In addition, individuals can benefit from DHI hair transplantation if they are exposed to negative factors such as poor nutrition and inadequate sleep patterns.

Is There an Age Limit?

As is the case for other hair transplantation applications, there is no age limit for DHI hair transplantation. Because age is not a criterion that is sought in hair transplantation.

The only factor to be considered is chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

In the event that individuals are exposed to such diseases, it is useful to consult the relevant doctor and get approval before hair transplantation.

How Long does a Dhi Hair Transplant take?

The standard duration of DHI hair transplant is 6 hours. However, having this process done at a mediocre hair transplant center means that it can take even 7-8 hours.

Therefore, a high quality hair transplant center should be preferred to keep the process normal. Since the process is longer in the DHI hair transplant method, it is usually not done in a single session.

Instead, the application is carried out with 2 hour intervals. In this context, patient comfort is ensured to guarantee a robust hair transplantation.

The processes in DHI hair transplantation also differ according to the experience of the transplanting doctor.

How long does it take to get new hair?

The time to get new hair after a DHI hair transplant depends on the quality of the hair transplant center where the transplant is performed and how well the individuals follow the doctor’s instructions after the procedure.

In this method, it is necessary to wait patiently for at least 15 days to get new hair. The process of getting new hair in a DHI hair transplant application is longer.

Therefore, you might not see any difference in your hair for 90 to 180 days after the application. This is extremely natural.

You don’t have to worry. After this time period is completed, the new hair starts to appear gradually. New hair starts to appear every month after the completion of this process.

This process is completed in an average of 9 to 10 months. The time to get new hair in DHI application can also vary depending on the patience of the patients.

For example, the process of new hair growth in patients who experience extreme and long-term stress after the procedure can take longer.

Therefore, patients are recommended to avoid stress to enable the process to continue normally.

Can Dhi Hair Transplantation Be Done Several Times?

Yes, as with other methods, DHI hair transplants can be applied several times if necessary.

Repeating a DHI hair transplantation does not manifest any risk factors.

However, this application can be applied a maximum of 2 times in general. Mostly the desired results from a DHI hair transplantation application can be achieved in the first session.

It is possible to apply the method a second time if fuller hair is wanted. Continuous application of the DHI hair transplantation can cause some side effects.

Since grooves have been opened in this application, it is useful to allow a certain period of time for their recovery.

In addition, the first procedure must be unsuccessful to warrant a second DHI hair transplantation. If hair transplantation is not absolutely mandatory, they are usually not applied repeatedly.

A second procedure means that the patient incurs a cost again. Therefore, care should be taken not to re-apply the DHI hair transplant unless it is absolutely necessary.

How Long Does Hair Grow after a Dhi Hair Transplant?

There are many details that are a source of curiosity for the DHI hair transplant application. One of them is how long will the hair can grow when the method is used.

The transplanted hair does not grow immediately after this application. This rule is valid for all transplant applications. After a certain period of time, the transplanted hair starts to grow slowly.

Therefore, the transplanted hair appears on average within 3 or 4 months after the DHI hair transplant. After this process, it gradually starts to grow permanently.

Even if hair emerges in the first month after the procedure, it can shed again. There is no need to panic if this happens. The growth processes of the transplanted hair are different in each hair transplant application.

Therefore, most people who want to have a hair transplant consider the DHI hair transplant application as more ideal. This method also has some disadvantages.

For example, the main disadvantage is that the transplanted hair grows in a maximum of 300 days. Therefore, if you do not serious patience, you can choose the FUE hair transplant instead of DHI.

Another disadvantage of the DHI hair transplant is that it can cause mild skin redness. However, this side effect usually loses its effect within a few days.

Is Dhi Hair Transplant Suitable For Everyone?

Yes, as emphasized above, DHI hair transplantation is suitable for everyone. There are almost no risk factors in this application.

Therefore, DHI hair transplants are preferred and recommended by men and women from the past to the present. The DHI hair transplant application is applied in extremely hygienic settings.

This means that patients are not exposed to infection. It is a great advantage that DHI hair transplantation is suitable for everyone. This is because some transplantation applications are not suitable for everyone.

This causes limited hair transplantation. Positive results can be obtained easily from DHI hair transplantation. The trick is to choose a reputable hair transplantation center.

How Does the New Hair Look, is it manageable?

The appearance of the newly transplanted hair is not immediately visible. Time must pass after a DHI hair transplantation. With the end of the said process, the new hair can be noticed directly in the mirror.

At this stage, new hair is quite manageable. The new hair emerging after a DHI hair transplant is extremely natural as in the FUE application.

In other words, the transplanted completely integrates with your former hair. The grafts transplanted with this method are already hair follicles extracted from your scalp.

Therefore, there is no way the newly transplanted hair can grow abnormally. Performing the DHI hair transplant professionally is vital for patient satisfaction.

It is not possible for individuals to be satisfied with the application performed in an amateurish way. In such cases, the new hair growth process can be prolonged.

This means that individuals remain frustrated for a long time. Care should be taken to avoid side effects in DHI hair transplant applications. As emphasized above, the best hair transplant center should be preferred.

Although no results are obtained in a short time in DHI hair transplantation, permanent hair is obtained with patience. In this context, a brand new and positive life is welcomed.

An early appointment can be made directly on the corporate website of the hair transplant center for a DHI hair transplant.

In addition, the support line is available to answer any questions about the hair transplant process. The DHI hair transplant application is among the most recommended methods in our country today.

The best DHI hair transplant centers can be preferred in 2023.

Is DHI better than FUE?

The FUE method can be preferred as it covers larger areas than the DHI method, and the DHI method is a process that offers a good speed to obtain a higher density. They stated that according to the recommendations of the experts, the success rate of both FUE and DHI reached 95%.

Direct hair transplantation (DHI) is a modification of the FUE technique created by the company DHI Global Medical Group. In FUE, a surgeon manually cuts the channels in your scalp before implanting the hair follicles. During DHI, they use a special pen-shaped tool that can do both at the same time.

Dhi Hair Transplant Prices 2023






As with other hair transplantation applications, the prices of DHI hair transplants differ between hair transplantation centers. For example, when you buy this method from an amateur company, you could get a higher quotation.

In quality hair transplant centers, DHI hair transplant prices are offered in line with your budget. DHI hair transplant prices are updated regularly every year.

Accordingly, DHI hair transplant prices in 2023 and the prices in the new period are different. You can also follow the DHI hair transplant prices directly from a hair transplant center site you trust.

In addition, DHI hair transplant prices also differ between countries. Therefore, it is possible to have DHI hair transplant applications in European countries at a higher cost.

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