Where to Get a Guaranteed Eyebrow Transplantation?

Eyebrow transplantation is among the most preferred aesthetic applications in recent years. This application, which is mostly preferred by women, is also a favorite with men.

Therefore, eyebrow transplants appeal to both men and women. As with other aesthetic transplants, eyebrow transplants should be done with a 100% guarantee.

Therefore, the best quality eyebrow transplant centers should be preferred. Many amateur eyebrow transplant centers are available in the internet world.

It is not possible to have a transplantation process done with a guarantee and affordable price through such companies. Eyebrow transplantation requires expertise.

That is why it is vital that the specialist who performs the procedure has years of experience in this procedure.

What is Eyebrow Transplantation?

As the name suggests, eyebrow transplantation is the permanent elimination of deficiencies in the eyebrows caused by various reasons. There are many advantages of this aesthetic application.

A perfect eyebrow transplantation also fills any gaps in the eyebrows. One of the main advantages of eyebrow transplantation is that the newly transplanted hairs grow in line with the natural eyebrows.

Therefore, it is possible to regain natural eyebrows with the transplantation process.

How Is Eyebrow Transplantation done?

Eyebrow transplants are done by hair transplant centers like beard transplants. However, since eyebrow transplants are more sensitive, the best quality eyebrow transplant center should be preferred.

The direction of the eyebrows is looked at first in eyebrow transplanting. This is followed by determining any gaps in the eyebrows. Subsequently, the necessary transplanting is done.

Why Is Eyebrow Transplantation done?

Eyebrow transplantation is performed for many reasons. Eyebrow transplantation is applied to have more natural eyebrows and obtain maximum density eyebrows.

Individuals can have more perfect eyebrows with eyebrow transplants.

Who is a candidate for Eyebrow Transplantation?

Eyebrow transplants can be applied especially to those with thinning eyebrows, loss of eyebrows as a result of burning, and those who have lost their eyebrows as a result of a deterioration in their eyebrow quality due to permanent eyebrows.

Therefore, eyebrow transplants appeal to a comprehensive audience.

When is Eyebrow Transplantation Necessary?

Eyebrow transplants are necessary especially if there is a serious decrease in eyebrow quality.

There is usually no need for eyebrow transplantation in mild cases of thinning. However, even in such cases the relevant individuals might feel uncomfortable with their appearance.

What are the Benefits of Eyebrow Transplantation?

Eyebrow transplantation has many benefits. This application is a tremendous boost to the confidence of individuals. The truth is that eyebrow loss can be a direct cause of depressive symptoms in individuals.

Furthermore, eyebrow transplantation enables individuals to have better quality and natural eyebrows. This in turn enables individuals to be at peace with themselves.

Things to Know After Eyebrow Transplantation

There are many issues that should be known after eyebrow transplantation. a shower must be taken when specified by the doctor after the transplantation.

As mentioned above, eyebrow transplants require supreme dedication. Therefore, individuals should act more sensitively after the procedure.

Showers must be avoided for at least 7 days after the transplant as well as lying face down. Make-up must also be avoided during this process.

Why do Eyebrows Thin and Shed?

Eyebrows can thin for many reasons. Their quality can deteriorate. In such cases, eyebrow transplantation can be necessary. Eyebrows can fall out due to intensive use of substandard quality care products.

However, continuous eyebrow plucking can also cause eyebrows to thin and shed over time.

Eyebrow loss occurs as a result of the frequent use of applications such as chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer diseases.

Can Eyebrow Transplantation Help Shape eyebrows?

Eyebrow transplants can support shaping when applied by expert hands.

The new roots planted in the eyebrow transplant application are your natural hair. In this context, they can be perfectly compatible with the eyebrow shape.

When Do Eyebrows emerge after Eyebrow Transplantation?

The new eyebrows will not grow immediately after eyebrow transplantation. A minimum of 90 days must pass before this happens.

Therefore, a period of at least 8 months is required for the transplanted to fully mature and grow after eyebrow transplantation. It is important to be patient.

It is natural for the transplanted eyebrows to shed again 1 month after the transplantation process. After this process, they grow slowly and take their new shape.

How long is the recovery period in eyebrow transplantation?

The recovery period in eyebrow transplantation varies according to the genetic structure of the individual and the expertise of the transplantation center where the procedure is done.

Eyebrow transplants are usually completed successfully in 2 to 3 hours. After this process, the recovery period of eyebrow transplants is between 3 and 4 months on average.

It takes an average of 1 year for the newly transplanted eyebrows to grow completely. In other words, after 1 year, the new eyebrows will have completely grown.

What Problems Can Be Corrected With Eyebrow Transplantation?

There are problems that can be corrected with eyebrow transplants.

Many eyebrow problems such as splits in the eyebrows, loss of eyebrows, incorrect exit directions can be eliminated permanently.

Therefore, eyebrow transplantation also has a vital role in the elimination of various problems in the eyebrows.

Is the growth rate of the eyebrows the same after eyebrow transplantation?

The growth rate of the eyebrows is usually the same after eyebrow transplantation. However, the quality of the donor material used in eyebrow transplantation procedures is important.

When high-quality donor material is transplanted, growth rate is rapid..

Is Eyebrow transplanting obvious?

High quality eyebrow transplants are very difficult to determine when looking from the outside. Current transplants are carried out using very advanced techniques.

In this context, the transplanted grafts have the same characteristics as your natural eyebrows. Since their exit directions are exactly the same, it is almost impossible to distinguish them from natural eyebrows.

However, when this procedure is at a mediocre quality hair transplant center, the faulty transplants will give telltale signs that they are manmade.

Possible Side Effects of Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow transplants can have possible side effects. These side effects are not at a level that will disturb individuals. Sometimes mild edema and redness can be observed in or around the transplanted eyebrow area.

These side effects generally lose their effect after a few days. No treatment is required.

Eyebrow transplants can sometimes cause minor discomfort. This discomfort can easily be controlled with effective painkillers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the transplanted eyebrows be dyed in the future?

Yes, the newly transplanted eyebrows can be dyed the future according to preference. You can also maintain your new eyebrows with natural care.

The transplanted eyebrows will not shed. It is sufficient to treat them with good quality care. All activities that can eyebrow loss should be avoided.

Is it possible to put arches into straight eyebrows?

Straight eyebrows can be arched. It is sufficient to inform the relevant specialist about curving listless eyebrows during or before this application.

Many individuals who want to have an eyebrow transplant also request arches. The fastest way to arch straight eyebrows is with an eyebrow transplantation.

Can Eyebrow Piercing Be Done After Eyebrow Transplantation?

Yes, eyebrow piercing can be done after eyebrow transplant procedures, according to preference. This will make the eyebrows more natural.

Eyebrow piercing does not have any risks for transplantation. The medication prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly not to decrease the quality of life after eyebrow transplantation.

The necessary follow-up controls should be made on the days specified by the doctor during the post-transplanting process.

Individuals do not generally need to stay in the hair transplant center after eyebrow transplants. When the process is finished, the individuals are discharged.

Social life can be commenced within 7 days on average after the process. Therefore, social life is interrupted only for a short time after the process.

Does the hair extracted from the nape area grow very long in the eyebrow area?

The hair follicles in the nape area can grow much faster than the eyebrow hairs. Therefore, the hair follicles taken from this area can also grow in the eyebrow area as it is normal hair.

Under the circumstances the growing new hairs need to be cut regularly with the help of good quality scissors to be commensurate with the regular eyebrow hairs.

In addition, a quality beauty center can be preferred for this procedure. The only disadvantage experienced in eyebrow transplants is the rapid growth of the hair extracted from the nape area.

Many individuals can feel confusion about cutting the growing hairs. Certain processes need to go through for the new hairs to grow.

In other words, the transplanted nape hair does not grow immediately. Generally, cutting twice a month is sufficient. This situation depends somewhat on the genetic structure of the individuals.

Some individuals need to cut the transplanted hair every 15 days, while others can manage with once a month.

I am satisfied with the density of my eyebrows, can this method be applied to change their shape?

If you are satisfied with the density of your eyebrows, you can benefit from eyebrow transplantation to modify the shape of your eyebrows.

Many individuals resort to eyebrow transplantation to shape their eyebrows. This can be done by doing a light transplantation only on the upper part of the eyebrows in the form of a straight line.

This way more aesthetic eyebrows can be achieved. You can also directly benefit from eyebrow transplantation if you are not happy with the natural direction of your eyebrows.

Thanks to this application, you can achieve the kind of eyebrows you want. A few simple touch-ups in this application are enough for natural eyebrows.

What is the Risk of Infection in Eyebrow Transplantation?

One of the most basic criteria to be considered in eyebrow transplantation is avoid being exposed to the risk of infection. Unfortunately, this is the case in many hair transplantation centers that perform eyebrow transplantation.

Exposure to infection in transplanting can cause serious health problems. Among these problems, various skin diseases, the loss of the new eyebrows in a short time and their failure to grow again can be highlighted.

Therefore, a hygienic environment is of paramount importance in eyebrow transplantation. It is useful to control the environment before the transplantation process. In this context, amateur centers should definitely be avoided in eyebrow transplantation.

The risk of infection is minimal or completely absent in transplants done in a hygienic environment. A hygienic center ensures that eyebrows are transplanted safely.

The Color of the Eyebrow Contour I have has Changed, Is It Possible to Transplant a Close Color?

There color tone of the eyebrow contour you have made can change. In this case, you can have another eyebrow transplant with a more similar shade.

This is done frequently in professional eyebrow transplant centers.

Can I Choose the Eyebrow Shape I Want?

You can choose the eyebrow shape you want in eyebrow transplantation. You can also get the necessary support from your specialist.

There are many more details in eyebrow transplantation. You can choose the eyebrow shape you want in the transplantation process, or you can request new eyebrows to be transplanted in the amount you want.

Eyebrow transplantation is done with special needles.

Just like in hair transplantation, you can make a request for eyebrow transplantation as you wish.

You can also make an appointment for eyebrow transplantation from the comfort of your home on your doctor’s website. You will notice that your life has changed positively after eyebrow transplantation.

You can see that this procedure improves the mood by reading the comments of those who have had eyebrow transplantation.

Eyebrow Transplant Prices 2023

In 2023, the prices of eyebrow transplants differ between eyebrow transplant centers. Therefore, the transplant prices are lower in quality centers. Strangely enough, transplant prices can be higher in mediocre centers.

As for other transplant operations, the tariffs for eyebrow transplants are updated on an annual basis. However, compared to a few years ago, eyebrow transplant surgery prices appeal to every budget today.