Things to Know About FUE Hair Transplantation

FUE hair transplantation, also a favorite with women, is mostly applied to prevent baldness. Therefore, it is one of the highest quality hair transplantation methods.

The FUE technique has been used primary method since the day the hair transplant application was put into service globally. This technique has many features and advantages.

The FUE hair transplantation technique has been a favorite from the past to the present. This application is also known as the first transplanting method.

Unlike other techniques, it can provide better quality results in a shorter time. Therefore, the FUE technique is also recommended by professional hair transplant centers.

What is FUE Hair Transplantation?

FUE hair transplantation, which is applied in 81 provinces, is the most popular hair transplantation application, which leaves less traces than other techniques. Grafts are extracted from the nape area one by one in this method.

Grafts obtained by opening smaller grooves in FUE application are carefully transferred to the new area. One of the most important advantages of this application is that it is guaranteed.

Therefore, FUE hair transplantation is preferred by individuals of all ages. Unlike other methods, in the FUE technique, the nape and the hairless area are shaved completely or partially.

This procedure can also be performed by the individual or, if deemed appropriate, by the doctor. Subsequently, the grafts are carefully removed from the nape of the neck using a special needle.

How is FUE Hair Transplant done?

The realization of the procedure can differ between hair transplantation centers. Therefore, the best hair transplantation center should be preferred for FUE hair transplantation.

The FUE hair transplant application is also applied in a practical way. In this process, first the nape area is checked for hair roots. This is because the roots in the nape are indispensable in the FUE technique.

The roots are extracted from the nape and transplanted to the new area one by one. One of the greatest features of the FUE technique is that it is painless. Or any pain is minimal. Therefore, individuals do not feel any discomfort during the procedure.

What are FUE Hair Transplant Techniques?

Two different techniques called micromotor device or manual punch are used in FUE transplantation. Efficient results are obtained from both FUE hair transplantation techniques.

For example, the grafts obtained through the first technique are not immediately placed into the balding area. The grafts are expected to mature for some time. Therefore, they are kept in a cold area for a few minutes.

Subsequently, the hairless area is prepared and the matured grafts are transplanted. The risk of crusting in the hairless area is less with the FUE technique. Accordingly, individuals can take a shower more easily after the process.

In Which Situations Is FUE Hair Transplant Preferred?

FUE technique is safely preferred in many cases. In this context, FUE hair transplantation is considered the most reliable method. The FUE technique is applied directly in partial or complete baldness.

This method is applied directly by the hygienic hair transplant center.

One of the main advantages of the FUE application is that roots are not placed in bulk.

This enables the extraction of healthier hair follicles. Some of the new grafts can perish during other methods. This causes a lower amount of roots to be transferred than normal.

However, this negativity is not valid for the FUE technique. All the extracted grafts are completely placed into the bald area. Furthermore, side effects such as pain in the scalp during the procedure are negligible.

How long does the FUE Hair Transplantation Process take?

One of the main advantages of the FUE hair transplant application is that the process time is shorter. Therefore, individuals can save time.

Generally, 2 different techniques, the fut and FUE, are preferred in hair transplantation. While the fut application takes an average of 2 to 3 hours, the FUE method can take 6 to 12 hours on average.

Therefore, those who have plenty of time on a daily basis benefit more from the FUE technique. Today, the FUE technique is applied with higher quality devices. Therefore, patient satisfaction is higher in FUE.

Things to do Before a FUE Hair Transplant Operation?

Some points should be considered before all hair transplantation applications. Many preparations should be done before FUE hair transplantation.

Smoking, alcohol and high-caffeinated beverages should be avoided for 7 days before the application. These factors can cause the operation process to be less than successful.

Many individuals think that the consumption of green tea before the FUE technique is not problematic. However, it has been emphasized by experts that this natural product has a disadvantage in hair transplantation.

Therefore, green herbal tea consumption should be interrupted 1 week before the operation. The doctor who will perform the FUE operation should be informed about any medication.

At least 8 hours of quality sleep should be taken 1 day before the operation since the FUE technique process is long.

What is the Healing Process like after FUE Hair Transplantation?

The healing process after the FUE technique is important. This process differs according to the quality of the hair transplantation center that performs the FUE hair transplantation and the quality of the methods used in the application.

The recovery period after the FUE technique is generally only 10 days. However, this process can differ between patients. In some individuals, 8 days is enough for this process.

In some individuals, this process can take up to 2 weeks. A period of at least 8 to 10 months must pass to get the full results of the procedure.

Therefore, it is important for individuals to be patient in the FUE technique, as in other hair transplantation applications.

Advantages of the FUE Hair Transplant Method?

The FUE hair transplantation method has many advantages. The FUE hair transplantation is highly recommended in many countries of the world because of its advantages.

One of the main advantages of the FUE technique is its low price. This technique is applied at more discounted prices in 2023.

Therefore, a FUE hair transplant is done at a minimum cost. The second advantage is that it delivers guaranteed results.

In many techniques the grafts can perish as we emphasized above, whereas the destruction of the grafts in the FUE process is out of question.

One of the main advantages of FUE is that it appeals to all ages. Therefore, it also appeals to women with baldness problems.

Comments of those who have had FUE Hair Transplantation

The comments of those who have had FUE hair transplantation are generally positive. After having FUE hair transplantation individuals state that the method is extremely reliable, especially through quality social media channels.

Many individuals state that the FUE application has less side effects. The main advantage of this application is that it is easily done and does not cause discomfort on the scalp.

Many individuals who have benefited from the FUE technique stated that the technique completely eliminated the problem of baldness. Individuals underline that the FUE technique almost brought about a revolution in terms of baldness.

What Should Those Who Have had FUE Hair Transplant Pay Attention To?

Those who have FUE hair transplantation should pay attention to some details. The instructions issued by the relevant doctor before and after the procedure should be taken into consideration.

It should not be forgotten that it is extremely important that the roots transplanted with the FUE application remain healthy. Therefore, the specified post operative period must be applied exactly.

The doctor will specify when to shower and what kind of hair care should be done during this time period. Attention should be paid to this time period to allow the new roots planted in the FUE technique to mature.

During these processes, if possible, good quality soft-textured hats should be preferred instead of poor quality headgear.

Visits to the relevant doctor are recommended within the specified time to have the necessary checkups after the application.

No detailed hair care is required before hair transplantation with FUE. The hair can be shaved directly.

Correct Determination of the Outflow Direction of Hair Roots

The correct determination of the direction of hair follicles in FUE application is of vital importance for individual satisfaction.

Therefore, care must be taken to ensure that the hair transplant center where the FUE hair transplant is made is of high quality. Hair transplanted in mediocre centers with the FUE method can grow in an unintended direction.

When this happens, individuals resort to the FUE system for the second time. This means that an additional cost is incurred. The correct determination of the exit directions of the hair follicles is carried out by your doctor in FUE applications.

This detail is not determined by individuals. As a result of a mediocre FUE application, the direction of hair growth is generally slightly downwards.

In this case, the direction of the hair follicles can be in the form of a flower pot, for example. This can be extremely frustrating for individuals.

This negative situation can be easily noticed by the close circle of the individual.

The fact that the hair follicles do not grow in the correct direction can cause serious mental distress in individuals.

The reason why the hair follicles to be transplanted are extracted from the nape area

There are many reasons why the hair follicles to be transplanted are taken directly from the nape area, not only in the FUE technique, but also in many hair transplantation applications.

As emphasized above, the main plus of the hair follicles in the nape is that they do not shed. In other words, the roots in this area have the highest level of quality.

When examining regional hair loss, it is easily visible that only the hair follicles in the nape are permanent.

Therefore, in all hair transplantation applications, the roots are extracted directly from the nape  and transferred to the bald area.

A transplant with the FUE method is not possible if there are no hair follicles in the nape area.

The main advantage of this method is that it is done with grafts from the nape. Therefore, the nape area needs to be checked by the relevant specialist before the application is done.

Since the success rates are high in FUE application, it is also preferred by individuals who have lost their hair due to work stress.

Return to Normal Life after FUE Hair Transplantation

One of the main advantages of FUE hair transplantation is that individuals can return to their normal lives in a short time.

Many individuals who benefit from this application return to their normal life in just 3 to 5 days. In some cases, this process can take up to a maximum of 6 days.

You can say hello to a positive life in a shorter time with the FUE application. Furthermore, you can be much more successful in your business and social life by getting rid of the problem of baldness.

Studies show that many individuals with baldness problems have psychological traumas and symptoms of depression.

Therefore, the FUE application is a life-saver. Through the application, both the problem of baldness becomes a thing of the past and the sense of self-confidence can reach maximum level in a short time.

That is why you can safely request the FUE technique directly from your professional hair transplant center when you are also exposed to the problem of baldness. Or you can fill out an appointment form 24/7 for a FUE hair transplant on our center’s website.

FUE Hair Transplant Method Prices 2023

FUE hair transplant method prices change every year. Centers can often update their FUE hair transplant prices.

Many high-quality hair transplant centers, on the other hand, organize campaigns for FUE technique prices, as in other applications. Therefore, you can also benefit from the effective FUE technique at a more affordable price by following these centers.

A review of FUE prices reveals that they are much more attractive today compared to 10 years ago. FUE application prices are also expected to decrease even more in the future.

This is because hair transplantation applications are more popular than ever. Therefore, it is foreseen that the prices of the FUE technique will reduce gradually in our country