The second session hair transplantation is usually the procedure where hairless areas are covered with hair or where shedding is intense. Sometimes the hair that can be transplanted during one session is not enough.

Sometimes the procedure takes up to 3 or 4 sessions, depending on the type of hair transplant. Unfortunately, one session is sometimes not enough to cover the whole area. Sometimes the donor area does not have enough hair to close the whole gap.

Especially if a hair transplantation is done at a young age when shedding is still continuing, a second session of hair transplantation can be performed because shedding continues. It should not be forgotten that the size of the bald area is also extremely important in this regard.

Some types of hair transplantation require a lot of processing which can damage the scalp. The first session will give an indication of whether the transplanting will be successful or not.

What is a Second Session Hair Transplantation?

A second hair transplantation session can be applied in cases where the first session is not sufficient. If the bald area is not completely covered, or if the first session is partially or completely unsuccessful, a second or third or even fourth hair transplantation session can be applied.

Some types of hair transplantation are generally very long procedures. Considering that the procedure takes between 2-6 hours, two or more sessions can be applied to prevent trauma to the scalp area.

The success of the first session is also important for the second hair transplantation session. A second session of hair transplantation can be considered in terms of determining the rate of shedding if there is shedding and if it continues.

There can also be medical reasons for the necessity of a second session. The choice of the second hair transplantation session is important for such reasons.

What are the Conditions that warrant a Second Hair Transplantation?

Although a second session in hair transplantation is not preferred very often, it is done as a guarantee and some types of hair transplantation require it. Although the success rate of hair transplantation increases day by day, it is still necessary to be cautious.

If a large number of grafts are required, such as Norwood 5 or Norwood 6, two or more sessions might be needed. Extra sessions can be required, especially by stubborn areas such as the crown. If hair loss continues, re-transplanting will be required in the following years.

This information must be shared with anyone who intends to have a hair transplant. People who have hair transplantation at an early age, unfortunately, will need a second session as the hair loss process continues. The recommended number of transplants is between 1500-200 grafts in a single session on average.

Especially in cases where the number of grafts that need to be transplanted is 8000 or 10000, hair transplantation can be done more in more than one session.

Those whose first hair transplantation has failed can have it corrected with a second session. In some types of hair transplantation performed in the past, a second hair transplantation procedure has been necessary.

When Can a Second Session Hair Transplantation Be done?

It would not be correct to determine a specific and general time period for the frequency of a second hair transplantation session. Many factors such as the type of hair transplant, the number of hair transplant grafts, and the scalp have an impact on this matter.

It is also an important issue why you consider a second session necessary. For example, while a single session is not enough for areas where shedding is intense, a different time period comes into play when more than one session is performed, and a different time period is necessary for a second hair transplant session, which is done to correct an unsuccessful and shapeless transplant.

However, if it is necessary to give an average time interval, a period of 10-12 months would be ideal. It is an ideal period for the recovery of the donor areas, the healing of minor wounds and traumas on the scalp, and the settling of the previous transplanting. However, less grafts are added in hair transplants performed as second and subsequent sessions.

Who gets a Second Hair Transplantation Session?

There are various reasons why a second hair transplantation session is needed. There are two main reasons, such as failure in the planning of the procedure as well as unsuccessful results of the hair transplant operation. The second session can be for the purpose of correcting hair transplant errors or correcting mistakes made as a result of a hair transplant.

Hair revisions are generally caused by the physiological and psychological effects of the first hair transplant operation on the patient. People with such problems have a second hair transplant.

Why is a Second Hair Transplant Session done?

The second session is done to correct the unfortunate results that have occurred as a result of the first operation. Today, hair transplant operations have a success rate of 90%. Of course, this is the ongoing rate of successful and expert hair transplant clinics in the upper segment. This rate is much lower for businesses that are unprofessional and unlicensed that are only in it for the money.

In fact, one of the most common mistakes made in hair transplantation is to waste donor areas. Of course, if the donor areas are sufficient, it does not matter. In hair revision procedures, it is usually desirable to correct the hairline alignment, which is usually distorted.

If there is an unnatural appearance after hair transplantation, the hair is corrected. A second hair transplantation session is needed to correct the areas where hair fails to grow as a result of incorrect applications.

Hair thickening is also applied if there is still some kind of hair thinning after the first hair transplant procedure. If the fullness is below the normal level, patients resort to a second session of hair transplantation to tighten the hair ranks to get fuller hair.

As a result of the insufficient number of grafts taken from the donor area in the first operation, a joint decision of the hair transplant specialist and the patient can be made, or perhaps the first procedure was erroneous. If hair loss still continues due to shedding at a young age, a hair transplant operation can be done to eliminate any defects in the image.

If the patient has sufficient donor area for hair transplantation, a second hair transplant session can be planned and carried out to remedy hair that is not full enough after the first operation, if external hair loss continues in the external hair area after the first transplant, to remedy losses in aesthetic appearance and thicken the hair.

Planning 2 Sessions of Hair Transplants

A second session will usually be planned by experts if the hair loss is not very severe. For example, considering that a hair transplant with 8000-10000 grafts is planned and a maximum of 2000-2500 grafts can be transplanted in the first session, many sessions and time intervals are needed.

The intention of hair transplantation planning is also aimed at prevent an un aesthetic appearance in the donor area. The aim is to cover bald areas with hard work.

First, the donor areas are selected from behind the ears. However, in some cases the donor area falls short in this regard. A new donor area is not searched. However, in some cases, the second session can be a planned.

More than one session can be required, especially in some types of hair transplant procedures. The expert might consider it necessary to resort to areas with more hair for the second session. , Donor areas may become extremely sparse when more grafts are needed.

How Many Sessions Does Hair Transplantation Take? How Much Hair Can Be Transplanted?

There are various factors that determine the number of sessions in the hair transplant process. Donor capacity is just one of them. In cases where grafts are collected from donor areas, up to 3-4 sessions could be needed on average.

In total, this figure can go up to 8000-10 000 graft transplants. It has been observed that this number increases to 5 or 6 sessions when chest hair is used for large areas such as Norwood 6 or Norwood 7, which have been used in recent years. In fact, there is no specific criterion for the interval of hair transplantation sessions. The session interval is influenced by various factors.

Can Hair Transplantation Be Done More Than Once?

Hair transplantation can be done more than once. Especially those who prefer hair transplantation at a young age have to have a second session since shedding continues in later. The hair transplantation procedure will be solid because the hair collected from reliable donor areas are not affected by hormones or other genetic factors.

Hair grafts taken from weak areas mean more frequent hair transplantation. A second hair transplant procedure might have to be performed for reasons such as weak hair follicles, hair that fails to grow after shock shedding, an unnatural hairline after hair transplantation, and unsuccessful hair transplantation.

How much hair is transplanted in the second session?

Since less grafts will be collected in the second session compared to the first session, less hair transplantation takes place during the second session compared to the first session. There is not much difference between the first or the second session in terms of the procedure.

The only condition is to wait for the healing of the donor area and the strengthening of the hair follicles. Approximately 1500-2000 grafts can be added on average.

How Many Times can Hair be Transplanted?

It is not possible to give an exact number for applicable hair transplantation procedures. It is more correct to specify the number according to frequency intervals for hair transplantation procedures. If necessary, up to 6 sessions of hair transplantation can be performed.

If the donor area is sufficient, many more operations can be performed. The efficiency from the operation is more important than the number of operations. An appointment can be made for a second session if the donor area is suitable.

Second Session Hair Transplant Prices 2023

The hair transplant price to be quoted for a second session will differ from clinic to clinic. The price will be affected by whether the second session is planned or unplanned.

In general, specialists can quote a single package price regardless of the session interval, especially when a large number of grafts will be transplanted. In such cases, no second session fee is paid, as there will be only one price. However, in some cases, shedding can continue.

In such cases, a lower fee will be required for the second session since less grafts will be transplanted. A different price policy will also be encountered when the correction or transplanting process is made from scratch.

Otherwise, the hair transplant method to be used by the expert team will also determine the price of the hair transplant procedure. You can visit clinics that provide second hair transplantation sessions.