Synthetic Hair Transplantation and its Characteristics

Synthetic hair transplantation is a kind of hair transplantation method that started to be applied worldwide in the late 1970s. It is a completely different hair transplant procedure from hair prostheses called wigs or artificial hair.

It is especially preferred for people who do not have much hair in the nape and under the ears, which are the donor areas preferred for various health problems, and who have few hair follicles in various parts of their body.

In other words, people who cannot resort to certain natural hair transplant methods or other natural hair transplant types, can benefit from this procedure.

Synthetic hair transplantation is a revolutionary invention. Today, some organizations have developed this technique even more by developing methods beyond the techniques of the former 1980s and introducing 21st century technology.

They have been developed according to the scalp of each patient. Fiber hair transplantation methods that prevent infection or cyst formation and inflammation problems have been developed.

What is Synthetic Hair Transplantation (Biofibre)?

Synthetic hair transplantation is done by adding artificial fibers specially produced from specially shaped hair like fibers of 15- 45 cm to the scalp. In synthetic hair transplantation processes, each hair strand called biofibre is placed into the scalp one by one with the help of a special needle.

However, various allergic tests should be done before applying this type of hair transplantation. This procedure, which is a special method of hair transplantation, also called biofibre hair transplantation, is used as a kind of alternative hair transplantation method today.

Natural hair transplantation methods are more preferred. This type of hair transplantation method is more appropriate when resorting to unnatural hair transplantation methods is called for.

It is preferred when sufficient amounts of hair cannot be found in donor areas and other parts of the body. Since it is not always a preferred procedure, you should get the necessary information from the very few clinics that perform this procedure.

How is Synthetic Hair Transplantation done?

The patient’s hair follicles are not used in the area where hair transplantation is planned. Artificial hair fibers of different lengths and colors, which are ready-made, are used. Such hair fibers should not have any allergen risks, and special precautions must be taken against issues such as inflammation and fungus.

Therefore, all necessary tests should be done against any negativity. First of all, it is necessary to understand how the artificial hair will react to determine how the body will react. Therefore, transplanting is done in certain small areas, usually at least one week apart, for a period of at least 1 month.

Therefore, this hair transplant procedure takes a little longer. The patient must pass this tolerance test, otherwise this procedure cannot be applied. After passing the tests, hair transplantation is performed with hair made of special fibers, which are called polyamide fibers.

Transplanting procedures are usually performed on the area where local anesthesia is specially applied. Otherwise, the patient will feel pain. The synthetic hair is placed approximately 0.3 mm below the scalp with the help of an implanter. Hair transplantation methods such as DHI and Fue are specially preferred in synthetic hair transplantation operations.

The grooves for the hair to be transplanted are opened one by one using special needles called implanters. These special artificial hairs, called biofibers, have knots that allow the hair to be fixed under the skin.

After the transplanting stage, the suture groove is covered with special connective tissue. Meanwhile, the knot at the ends of the artificial hair is also covered. This procedure ensures that the artificial hair is strongly attached to the scalp.

What are the Characteristics of Synthetic Hair?

Synthetic hair, as the name suggests, is specially prepared from synthetic materials, very similar to real hair. Synthetic hair, which draws attention with its resemblance to natural hair, can be produced in any length and color.

It is more affordable than real hair. Apart from hair transplant operations, it is also frequently used in the wig industry. No dyeing, blow-drying or curling irons can be used on synthetic hair.

Natural and artificial hair dyes do not affix on this type of hair. The hair to be used for a synthetic hair transplantation process is produced specially in accordance with your hair color.

These hairs are not dyed or grown, but synthetic hair made from natural fibers does not easily manifest any fungal, inflammatory and other allergenic effects as they are compatible with the human body.

You can continue your daily life after hair transplantation. Since the length always remains the same, there is no need for extra shortening. It is necessary to avoid processes that involve excessive heat and excessive chemicals. You need to pay attention to biofibre hair that has a natural appearance.

How can I make an appointment for Synthetic Hair Transplantation?

Unfortunately, you cannot have this type of hair transplant in any hair transplant clinic. A certain number of private clinics perform synthetic hair transplantation. It was banned in other countries for a while.

However, today, thanks to the specially developed methods, certain clinics have started to use natural fibers intensively. You should specifically research the clinics and beauty salons that perform Biofibre hair transplantation operations before making an appointment for synthetic hair transplantation.

In general, such clinics have developed systems that allow you to make a preliminary appointment without a hair transplant appointment. You can reach clinics that perform this type of hair transplant via internet pages, social media accounts and telephone.

We strongly recommend that you make an appointment after the preliminary interview and be checked for allergies, fungal or inflammatory conditions before hair transplantation.

Who Are the Suitable Candidates for Artificial Hair Transplantation?

Biofibre hair transplantation is a kind of hair transplantation procedure that can theoretically be applied to everyone. However, it is not preferred very often and natural hair transplants are more recommended. However, in some cases, biofibre hair transplantation is applied, especially when no intact grafts and hair follicles are available to be transplanted.

Hair follicles on the nape or various other parts of the body should be intact. It is an alternative application to the natural hair transplantation method. Synthetic hair transplantation cannot be performed in cases that are infected, inflamed or prone to cyst formation.

Therefore, in order to prevent this, this procedure is performed in a very small area as a kind of rehearsal hair transplantation. Any allergies and unwanted reactions are checked by looking at the hair follicles transplanted with an interval of about one week.

Although synthetic hair which is produced from natural fibers suitable for the biological structures of people, has a history of more than 40 years, the synthetic fibers that are used have been developed by various methods and are fibers that are the miraculous results of nanotechnology.

After the tests and controls are over, the transplanting process of the biofibre hair, which is optionally produced in the desired amount in a laboratory environment starts.

Does an Artificial Hair Transplant Look Like Natural Hair?

Artificial hair transplantation methods are done with specially produced hair in laboratories. Of course, these hairs cannot fully replace natural hair. Synthetic hair transplantation is an alternative hair transplantation method, which is used when natural hair transplantation methods are not an option.

This hair, which was transplanted in the early days, cannot be distinguished from natural hair. The image is close to natural. However, over time, like everything else, this type of synthetic hair starts to lose its form. First the artificial hair starts to become dull. As a result, degradation occurs.

Therefore, artificial hair needs to be renewed at regular intervals. Since it will be almost impossible to have artificial hair transplantation constantly, it is necessary to be careful when choosing this method.

However, thanks to the artificial hair technologies developed today, artificial fibers with almost organic and herbal content preserve their form and color for a long time. Although some special natural dyes have started to take hold, the owner of artificial hair should show the necessary attention and care in this regard.

Treatment involving high heat must be avoided in artificial hair. High-temperature treatments spoil the structure and form of the hair. It is also impossible to constantly change the form of artificial hair. However, strong and high quality artificial hair is suitable for use for many years.

That’s why you need to be careful about choosing the clinic where you will have this type of hair transplant. Quality and durable, state-of-the-art artificial hair is suitable for use for many years.

Is Synthetic Hair Transplant Permanent?

You need to undergo some special procedures to have artificial hair transplantation. The likelihood of unwanted complications will be minimized as a result of these special procedures and tests. It is not done if your dermal skin is thin while thick skin is suitable.

Synthetic hair has a lasting effect because it is transplanted on solid skin. However, some processes must be avoided to prolong the life of the hair. There is a significant relationship between the transplantation process and the success rate of synthetic hair.

If any undesirable conditions such as inflammation and fungus do not occur during synthetic hair transplantation, its permanence will increase as the success rate is high.

Shock shedding and partial shedding does not occur in artificial hair transplant procedures like in natural hair transplant procedures. Optionally, provided that suitable conditions exist, transplanting can be renewed at a certain at periodic intervals.

If the planted artificial hair is produced from high-tech natural fibers that are biologically suitable for human skin, you can use it for many years if your body does not react adversely and the hair is not worn by use.

However, if you want artificial hair to be long-lasting, you can use it for many years if you keep your hair away from chemical-containing hair care products, dyes, and high heat treatments.

Synthetic Hair Transplant Prices 2023

It is difficult to determine a fixed price due to factors such as the transplantation procedures of synthetic hair, the number of synthetic hairs, and the special materials used. Since they are specially produced and different materials are used in their manufacturing, there will be a price difference.

You can only get a fixed price guarantee from a very small amount of artificial hair companies. Apart from the transplantation process, you have to pay a separate fee for artificial hair.

Due to the number of synthetic grafts to be transplanted, dye processes, and materials used, the price of synthetic hair transplantation cannot be fixed.

Clinics that provide biofibre hair transplantation services also charge a different price by citing factors such as the length of artificial hair, dyes and the amount of grafts, and manufacturing with a wide variety of hypoallergenic materials.

When artificial hair transplantation is preferred, you should find the few right clinics that do this procedure. Since the required meticulousness and care must be executed with zero error, the rate of encountering an unwanted complication as a result of the transplantation of synthetic hair will also need to be reduced to zero.

In short, the transplanting of artificial hair which is manufactured with state of the art, hypoallergenic, natural fibers should be done at the most appropriate clinic.