Is Unshaven Hair Transplantation Risky?

Many different techniques are applied in hair transplantation today. These techniques include unshaven hair transplantation.

As the name of this application suggests, hair transplanting is done without shaving any part of the head, while preserving the natural condition of the hair.

One of the procedures that individuals feel most uncomfortable about hair transplantation is the complete or partial shaving of the hair.

This also causes time to be lost for the individuals and hair transplant centers. However, today it is possible to save this time by having the unshaven application.

In this application, only a small part of the neck from which the donor follicles will be extracted is shaved. Shaving this area will take a few seconds.

Unshaved hair transplants used to be more risky in the past. The lack of high-quality hair transplant centers was one of the main reasons for this. Unshaven hair transplanting was not applied with a guarantee until a few years ago.

Therefore, most of the customers were not satisfied with this application. However today, unshaven hair transplants are applied by highly experienced hands.

Unshaven hair transplantation, which is a matter of curiosity in 2023, is preferred by most of those who want to have hair transplantation.

Individuals no longer need to do this application themselves. The materials used in unshaven hair transplantation are made entirely of steel. In this context, no injuries or different situations occur in the donor area.

Women are mostly satisfied with unshaven hair transplants. Women have not been very happy with shaved transplants due to their long hair.

Therefore, many women who want to have a hair transplant recommend that individuals resort to unshaven hair transplants instead of shaved hair transplants, as their quality is higher quality and they are more reliable.

What is Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

Individuals underline that this special method provides great advantages for them and hair transplant centers in many ways.

Side effects are minimal in unshaven hair transplantation. This procedure causes less crusting on the scalp.

Therefore, there is no need for extensive care after transplantation. Unshaven hair transplantation appeals to both men and women.

This method can be used regardless of age and gender. Unshaven hair transplantation has many benefits.

One of these benefits is that individuals do not need to take a shower. Normally hair must be washed before shaved hair transplantation.

In this context, shaving can be done more easily. Another benefit of unshaven hair transplantation is that it makes individuals feel confident in the hair transplantation center.

Thanks to this procedure, individuals can also confidently recommend unshaven hair transplantation to those who want to have their hair transplanted by trusting the specialist hair transplant center.

How is Unshaven Hair Transplantation done?

Unshaven hair transplantation which everyone is wondering about is applied in the simplest way.

In this context, shaving is done on a minimum area in the nape area where the grafts will be extracted, without touching any other hairy areas. After shaving, the grafts are removed in a more comfortable and practical way.

One of the main advantages of unshaven hair transplantation is that it does not damage the donor area. Therefore, generally no edema or burning sensation occurs in the given area.

Unshaven hair transplantation can be done directly if deemed appropriate by the individual or the specialist who will do the procedure.

The best quality special razor products or hair clippers are preferred for this process. It is vital that the process is short in unshaven hair transplantation.

In this context, this application is applied cumbersomely in many hair transplant centers.

Therefore, you should choose to get this service from an unshaven hair transplant center that meets your expectations in terms of quick results and rapid return to your daily social life.

It needs to be underlined that the techniques applied in unshaven hair transplantation are of high quality. Yet, poor quality methods are still used for unshaven hair transplantation in many hair transplantation centers.

This can cause redness in the related area. The best way to get detailed information about unshaven hair transplantation is to consult a doctor.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Methods

In general, direct American style unshaven hair transplantation is applied. Since shaving is done directly from the relevant area, there is no need to shave other areas.

Since unshaven hair transplantation is done rapidly, individuals can generally continue their social life a few days after transplantation.

American-style hair cutting is the leading method applied in unshaven hair transplantation. This special cutting application ensures a flawless shave in the area.

Expert support is among the things to be considered in unshaven hair transplantation methods.

Therefore, detailed research can be done about hair transplantation centers that can perform this procedure in the most practical way before hair transplantation.

Unshaven hair transplantation gives better results and individuals can avoid the hassle of shaving.

For this reason, unshaven hair transplants are more popular than shaved hair transplants. The price rates are also lower for unshaven hair transplants.

Therefore, you can pay after the transplant, either in cash or by any bank credit card.

Who is a candidate for Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

Unshaven hair transplantation is only done to those who want it. The procedure is also applicable to individuals with long hair.

The majority of individuals who want to have a hair transplant have long hair. Therefore, shaving can be more problematic for these individuals.

Unshaved transplants are a great advantage for individuals with long hair. These individuals can proceed with their hair transplantation right away without waiting to be shaved.

Women’s hair is longer than men’s. Therefore, unshaven hair transplantation is also requested by many women who want to have a hair transplant.

What are the Advantages of Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

Unshaven hair transplantation offers many advantages. One of the main advantages of this method is that it saves time for individuals. Shaving the hair in transplantation means time is lost.

Shaving means that the transplantation process is delayed. One of the main advantages of unshaven hair transplantation is that it helps professional hair transplantation centers reach wider masses.

This application is in high demand for hair transplants, especially in our country. Another advantage of unshaven hair transplants is that the nape area is not imposed upon unnecessarily.

Shaving in this area for any length of time can cause side effects in the health of the skin in the nape area.

What are the Disadvantages of Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

The main disadvantage of unshaven hair transplantation is that the relevant area is not shaved perfectly which can result in hair loss in other areas.

Therefore, unshaven hair transplantation must be done by an expert. Today, unfortunately unshaven hair transplantation is applied less than perfectly, especially in nonprofessional hair transplantation centers.

This can result in dissatisfaction among customers. Unshaven hair transplant method is not as simple as it sounds.

Even the simplest mistakes made in this procedure can have a negative impact on hair quality. The disadvantages of unshaven hair transplantation are not on a level that would upset individuals.

The disadvantages of this application are generally minor. Therefore, unshaven transplantation will not have a negative impact on your business and social life.

Unshaven hair transplants should be applied by professional experts. Consequently, no infection will occur in the relevant donor area.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Results

Unshaven hair transplantation is among the key points to consider when you decide to have a hair transplant. You can also get information from your specialist doctor on this matter.

It is extremely important that the results are of high quality in unshaven hair transplantation. If you do not get the results you expect from unshaven hair transplantation, which is done less than perfectly, you lose confidence in the relevant hair transplantation center.

You should definitely choose the best hair transplantation center that does this process with a 100% guarantee to get the best results offered by unshaven hair transplantation.

Those who have unshaven hair transplantation emphasize their extreme satisfaction with the application. Individuals underline that unshaven hair transplantation gives better quality results.

Therefore, you can have hair transplanted directly without shaving according to your preference. Unshaven hair transplants are applied by the best quality hair transplant centers in Turkey today.

Careful transplanting is carried out using the fue and fut applications without shaving large areas.

There are also many different and more modern methods in unshaven hair transplantation today. Sapphire and DHI hair transplantation applications take the lead among these methods.

Consequently, unshaven hair transplantation is applied at the level you would expect today.

One of the main advantages in unshaven hair transplantation is that the incumbent can return to his daily life without risk after the procedure.

Therefore, the advantages of unshaven hair transplantation are more than those of shaved hair transplantation.

What are the Differences between Unshaven Hair Transplantation and Shaved Hair Transplantation?

There are many differences between unshaven hair transplantation and shaved hair transplantation. In regular hair transplantation methods, the hair is completely scraped off.

This is problematic for many individuals who want to have a transplant. There are many individuals who give up having a transplant just for this reason.

However, this negative aspect does not apply for unshaven hair transplantation. Individuals can safely benefit from unshaven hair transplantation.

Individuals return to their daily lives later than normal with a shaved hair transplant. However, this is not the case in unshaven hair transplantation.

lndividuals can return to their daily lives earlier with this type of transplant. Thus, they can get back to work and their social lives sooner.

Individuals may feel slight discomfort during shaved hair transplants. However, this is not true for unshaven hair transplants.

Things to Know before having an Unshaven Hair Transplant

There are some things to know before having an unshaven hair transplantation. Comprehensive preparations need to be done before shaved hair transplantation.

However, there is no need to make preparations for unshaven hair transplantation in general. It is sufficient to get a good night’s sleep for the transplantation process and inform the attending surgeon about any medication used.

It is enough to clean only the donor area before unshaven hair transplantation.

Unshaven hair transplants are not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding periods. Transplanting during these sensitive periods is not the best time management.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Prices 2023

Unshaven hair transplant prices are routinely renewed every year. Some years ago, this procedure was more expensive.

This situation was disadvantageous in terms of economy for individuals. But today, unshaven hair transplants are performed at the most affordable prices that appeal to every budget.

Therefore, you can also benefit from unshaven hair transplantation without paying additional fees. Unshaven hair transplantation prices differ between clinics as well as between countries.

For example, you can pay more when you make this transaction directly in a foreign country.

You can follow the prices of unshaven hair transplantation directly from the website of the center where you want to have hair transplanted. Hair transplantation without shaving means that you return to your social life sooner.

Unshaven hair transplant prices are quoted at a discount in 2023. Prices can also be followed on the corporate website of the best quality unshaven hair transplant center.